Why Coaching?

You may have heard of coaching and be curious about what to expect. Here‘s the low-down: coaching is all about YOU. 

Coaching is the process of reflection, discovery, achievement, and celebration. In other words – coaching helps you move from good to amazing.

Different than therapy or consulting, coaching is solely focused on supporting you as you grow in whatever ways you identify as important to you. Whether professional or personal, the essence of coaching is assisting you on the path to becoming the best you can be. You set the agenda, you set the pace, and you define success.

As your Success Coach, Merritt is with you every step of the way providing a safe and positive environment for you to explore what is meaningful to you and/or your business.  The process is completely judgment-free, and always 100% focused on clarifying and realizing your vision for your future. 

Ready to answer your call?

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Merritt’s thoughtful coaching helped me navigate some complex work challenges and guided me through an eye-opening process to improve several of my business relationships. – Thomas F.

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