Coaching for Individuals

Transformational leadership development for creatives, visionaries, & social entrepreneurs.


"The first step to becoming a great leader is to want to become one.”

-Simon Sinek 

You are a visionary - smart, passionate, and fired up to affect powerful change for the greatest good.

Master of One Coaching provides that much needed trusted confidant in your corner who will champion you when you are low, call you out when you need refocusing, and keep you operating on the highest vibrational levels so see can see your vision through with grace, confidence and FUN!

There is a “magic” about you. I’ve been battling with my own shortcomings and you helped me understand what was holding me back and I greatly appreciate that.

Brenda Otto

SunRay Travel

Merritt is truly a goddess of coaching. With her support, I knew I could accomplish any goal.

Renee Nabatian

Radiance by Renee

It's hard to put into words the impact that Merritt has on the world around her although, if I had to choose the perfect word to describe her, it would be 'leader.' Merritt leads so eloquently that one might mistake leading as an easy endeavor although truly, it is an intricate task. I've watched Merritt lead a room full of business owners as they listened in quiet awe. I've seen audiences moved to laughter and tears in her presence. And I've seen many standing ovations in her honor. Merritt leads and inspires others to lead in their own life, connecting them to purpose with dignity, grace and ingenuity, and allowing them to journey through obstacles and tribulations with ease. I highly recommend you work with Merritt, you may just find the leader you've been searching for within yourself. 

Lucia Civile

CEO, Lace Photo Media

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