Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Doing GOOD = GOOD business.

“Success is opportunity meeting preparation. Merritt helps jump start that preparation.” 

~ William O. Government Agency Leader

Master of One is uniquely positioned to partner with you in creating a company and a culture that is at the leading edge of ethical and meaningful socially responsive practice while growing your bottom line. 


1. Synthesize your essential values so your foundation is clear and strong

2. Activate the values internally within leadership and team members

3. Implement those values externally to build trust and integrity between you and your clients, customers, and support network. 

Our GOOD WORK FOUNDATION PRINCIPALS to inspire imagination, solutions, and success:

  1. Proactive Sustainability 
  2. Cohesive Philanthropy
  3. Sound Internal Praxis
  4. Responsive Community Engagement
  5. Good Work is Good FUN!

You have an opportunity to have a profound influence and leave a legacy of good through your business. We can help.

“From personal experience, I can recommend her as an excellent coach and adviser.” 

~ Constance S., SVP of an international, publicly traded corporation (retired)

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