Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Doing good = good business.

Success is opportunity meeting preparation. Merritt helps jump start that preparation. – William O.

The world is changing rapidly. We are ready for extraordinary leaders who understand the critical connection between integrity in the present and success for the future to bring us to the next level of evolution.

You are that leader. Where do you begin?

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Master of One is uniquely positioned to partner with you in creating a company and a culture that is at the leading edge of ethical and meaningful socially responsive practice. Building on the foundation principles of proactive sustainability, value-driven philanthropy,  sound internal praxis, and responsive community engagement, we will support you in creating policies that speak both to the essential heart and the ultimate success of your work.

Process involves (though not limited to):

  • Clarifying company values and priorities
  • Laser focus on cultivating cohesive, powerful and purposeful leadership
  • Evaluating and responding to the needs of teams
  • Charting pathways to enact sustainable, socially responsible policies
  • Building positive and responsive accountability measures to help you stay on track
  • Long-term follow-up services are available to keep you working on purpose.

You have an opportunity to have a profound, purposeful influence through your business.

We can help.

Connect with us today.

From personal experience, I can recommend her as an excellent coach and adviser. 
– Constance S., S
VP of an international, publicly traded corporation (retired)

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