As of January 1, it will be a year since I left my full-time job and started Master of One Coaching. This year was full of ups and downs. I made more money and spent more money. I learned that running my own gig is not just about a cute personality or a high level of competence. Yes, there is flexibility, and networking galore, and showing up when others won’t. There is constant renegotiation of work I’m willing to do, and time I need to give to others in my life outside of work and knowing when I need to put the laptop/phone down for my own sanity.

The best part of this gig, though, beyond supporting people through their successes and learning moments (which is freaking awesome, by the way) or waking up every day to a deep satisfaction in my soul, knowing that my talents, passions, and skills are lined up with my purpose and I am creating a legacy… the best part is getting to be present for moments like today, a snow day, with the morning cuddles and dancing to Stevie Wonder as a family. Or being home when a kid is sick, or going on field trips while STILL fulfilling my professional goals.

Of course, nothing is ever perfect, but the process is priceless and so rewarding, and I wouldn't have it any other way. If you want to start your own thing, you’ll need to get the right support and plan it properly. I am here to help.