There is a whole lotta chatter about goals and resolutions this week, and I am no exception. I’m in the goal biz, so new or reinvigorated goals are exciting. This is the time to recommit to health and wellness, business or career goals, financial plans, and relationship dreams. However, did you know that January is the busiest month for the gyms? People get all revved up on resolutions - this time we WILL stick to it, right? But you know what comes next, and so do the gyms. By March, attendance is back to usual and only the truly committed slog through winter's slush to shed the last of the holiday pie. The rest of us are back to our old tricks, which keep us from truly transforming into our greatest dreams...


2020 is the time to turn that ship around. Why? Because you say so. And one word will make it happen accountability. This precious word gets a bad wrap and strikes fear into the hearts of many. FEAR NOT!  Because accountability is a superpower! It’s like the acai berry of success - use it and make awesomeness possible!

Accountability separates goals from resolutions. It’s the dynamite in our cannon. Annual pep talks are lovely, but who wants fairy dust (although, fairy dust does have its place) when you can have dynamite? No, friends, I’m talking REAL life changes. Here are some examples of clients who hired me to provide accountability so they could reach their 2019 goals:

One client went from stress and emotional overwhelm to riding the waves of success with ease in his successful financial firm. He now thoroughly enjoys his steady flow of clients and builds new procedures to further serve his clients.

Another client left a job in which she felt trapped and started training for a career across the world. She leaves this week to start a new life in Japan!

Another client went from reeling in loss and heartache due to the death of a loved one to getting her career on track and loving it.

Another client grew her business, took her family on a dream vacation, supported her son as he got into college on scholarship, and saw more sales in one quarter than ever before.

Another client went on a deeply personal journey of healing and gained the freedom to pursue her art career.

A highly successful lawyer followed her creative instincts and is becoming a writer telling stories that empower others.

Another client made a career change from one industry to another, landing a dream job as an interior designer.

But what Accountability post is complete without including myself? I live what I preach, and this year:

    • I turned an idea into a viable business.
    • I completed my coaches training education with 3 professional certifications.
    • I hired my own coach to hold me accountable and help me fulfill my vision.
    • I worked with amazing clients across the country.
    • I became a public speaker, working with leaders in my region.
    • I became the president of a thriving regional business organization.
    • I strengthened my marriage and helped my kids succeed in school.
    • I started creating BIG plans for an expansion to serve more people in living their dreams! (Stay tuned!)

2020 can be YOUR year to kick ass, achieve your goals, and live the life of your dreams. Just trade in your resolutions for accountability! You know where to find me.