One-on-One Coaching

Master of One Coaching partners with leaders, visionaries, and social entrepreneurs to become fully realized agents of change via thriving businesses so that they can experience the success they desire, the meaning for which they yearn, and the unmitigated joy that follows serving the world with passion and with a true, soul-level connection to a higher calling.

[Merritt] is laser-focused on her client’s needs, desires, goals, and objectives (often before the client knows what he/she needs or wants)…Over the course of my sessions with Merritt, I was able to move from a place of confusion to one of clarity. I never would have gotten to that place without working with her.

~ A.T., individual client

This highly personalized process involves taking a holistic look at aspects of your life and career that are affecting your fulfillment and holding you back from becoming your most powerful self. Once we work through those obstacles and clarify the vision for your success, the sky is the limit!

In other words,  Master of One helps you step into your magnificence.

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I’ve been “Yoda’d.” Merritt ”Yoda’d” me! – Tim McQueen, Entrepreneur

Limited agreements are available via personal interview.

 For more information please contact us.

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