One-on-One Coaching

Master of One Coaching partners with powerful people to set, achieve and exceed goals connected directly to who each person is are at the core.

I’ve been “Yoda’d.” Merritt ”Yoda’d” me! – Tim McQueen, Entrepreneur

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This highly personalized process involves taking a holistic look at aspects of your life and career that are affecting your fulfillment and holding you back from becoming your most powerful self. By first clarifying your values and identifying your goals, together we will craft action steps within your unique context to ensure that you are able to make meaningful strides forward.

In other words,  Master of One helps you step into your magnificence.

Merritt is simultaneously the little voice inside your head telling you to take that leap into the unknown to a better life, and the outside perspective you need to see the big picture to make that jump and soar. – Elinor L.evy, PhD

Packages available for varying schedules and needs.

 For more information please book your complimentary discovery session today!

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