I was recently gifted a remarkable revelation by my own coach. The revelation was related to integrity. I won’t spill the beans entirely as this is the kind of thing clients pay for, but I will say this: integrity is not something a person IS. Integrity is rooted in what a person DOES. Anyone, anywhere, at any time can activate or restore integrity, and when we do, we impact our people, our environment, and the quality of our circumstances. When we live with and restore our integrity, we improve our mental, emotional, and physical well-being, restore our power and rehab our ability to make things happen in the world.

We’re inundated with messages and opinions about integrity from our families, friends, training, and the media, but the presiding wisdom on integrity is that it means to “do the right thing even when no one is looking.” (If you’re feeling ambitious, check out the work of Immanuel Kant or watch The Good Place for the abridged version). However, that definition assumes a collective morality, and integrity has nothing to do with morality or ethics. The simple definition is this: integrity is about being whole and complete, and maintaining the state of being whole and complete. 
Being whole and complete happens when our word lines up with our actions. We maintain our integrity to the degree we honor ourselves as our word. Because integrity is rooted in our word and the action we take related to that word, integrity is maintained by managing our promises. So, in a world where breaking one’s word is as inevitable as taking the next breath, how do we restore integrity? That's a great question!
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