It’s almost the weekend HOORAY! and most of us are back at work after the holiday break. Excited though we might be by the promise of the new year, recovering from all of the energy spent, sugar and carbs consumed, and routines disrupted can be taxing. The transition back can be rough. 

One sure way to reignite your juju is to get clear about your intentions. I don’t mean a single statement or lofty resolution. I don’t even mean goals (although they may be related) Intention is about what you hold dear, how you show up, and what you do to follow through. Intention is your way of being.

For example, I serve as the President of my local Business Networking International chapter, BNI. This is a joy for me. Our group is vibrant and fun and highly driven. I always have fun at our weekly meetings, despite the fact that they’re at the crack of dawn (literally, in the winter months) and in the middle of the workweek. But even though I love this weekly ritual, I am not always at my best. My role is to lead the group dexterously through the agenda, keep us focused, and end on time with a smile on my face. In the last few weeks of 2019, I would be generous if I said I was fully present at about 75% of them. I was physically there, but I was not serving the group to the best of my ability.

Yesterday morning, I confronted this and changed it with one simple adjustment. 5 minutes before entering the meeting, I sat in my car, closed my eyes, and made a commitment to connect with each member and welcome them into the new year. I focused on being present, clear, efficient, and productive and considered any potential distractions and how to set them aside so I could be present, clear, efficient, and productive. When I walked in, I felt grounded and excited to create a great environment. The result was a fantastic first meeting of 2020 in which I was fully present and giving 100%! Such a small adjustment made a tremendous difference not just for me, but for my leadership team and the group. 
Big or small, intention is crucial to the fulfillment of our goals. This week, I challenge you to set your intention, stick to it, and let me know how it went! I seriously want to know!