I get a lot of questions about what it is that I actually do. Sometimes I even ask this of myself! Admittedly, I have been guilty of providing long-winded answers about working with people on how to become the best professionals they can be through great work and being awesome people, which sounds good, if a bit nebulous, even to me. So let’s clear this up.

Leadership. I coach great leaders.

First, here’s what great leadership is NOT: a title, position, or automatic birthright.  We all can cite examples of people in high places who are ineffective, boarish or downright evil. That’s no secret. Nor is leadership being beyond reproach or infallible. In any of these contexts, power is the key player and power and leadership are significantly distinct.

So if it is not a title or a role, then what is it? Simply put,  great leadership inspires others to be and do their best. Great leaders push the definition of “best” by continuing to grow and self-evaluate, they honor the people they lead and raise them up. They clear the path for others to succeed, rally people together toward common goals, and hold the belief in what is possible when others cannot. Great leaders create environments in which people thrive, are challenged and supported, and are seen as whole (for more information on this, send me a message). The people who follow great leaders do so because of the clarity of vision for the group, but also the purity of the commitment to what is possible for each individual 

And here’s the catch: ANYONE can be a great leader. Think about role models you have had in your life, a parent or teacher or coach. Someone who you always felt seen by, and who you wanted to make proud. They were your first leaders, and they had a tremendous impact on your life. That is true power, and if you have ever experienced it, you know what a gift it can be.

Leadership can be as simple as the interaction between two individuals or as big as the leader of a nation. It can even be just you, leading your life with clear intention and integrity. Imagine what would be possible for you if you knew with certainty that you were living completely with intention and clarity. How could you fly?

To become a great leader takes consciousness and practice. Whether you are the head of a large company or just starting out, your great leadership story starts now. Ask yourself these questions: what is important to me? What am I good at? What impact do I want to have on others? How can I serve? Where do I need help? Who do I trust to keep me accountable and on track?

If you know the answers, hurray you!! You are on your path to a powerful, purposeful life of leadership and mastery. I would love to hear all about how you are making your way and inspiring others!

And if you aren’t clear on those answers, let’s have a conversation. I would love to support you in creating the life of great leadership you seek. Chances are it is closer than you