Speaking & Training

Merritt is a highly trained speaker and educator with over twenty years experience in delighting audiences across the country.

Delivering themes of perseverance and leadership, and using her super power –  BIONIC OPTIMISM, Merritt weaves her unique brand of humor and sincere commitment to purpose into each event; she delivers empowering messages to audiences of 10-1000,  while imparting practical tools for achieving goals and creating a meaningful legacy.

Presentations vary in length and are tailored for the specific needs of each group.


Photo credit – Melissa Dvozenja-Thomas

“A natural motivator, Merritt is gifted in the ability to draw out potential- in individuals, groups, and programs- by pinpointing key opportunities for growth. Merritt is a trusted and intuitive leader and educator.”

 ~ Domianna DeFelice, MPS


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