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"Choose well. Choose wisely. Choose love."


These were the last words Merritt's late husband left for her before his tragic, untimely death. 

Her story of overcoming the enormity of widowhood and rebuilding her life while parenting three small adopted children is a love letter to the strength of the human spirit. Raw, real, funny, and relentlessly optimistic, Merritt's account of walking through hell and emerging with renewed faith in what is possible will not only leave you deeply inspired to create your own extraordinary life - you'll believe that you can do it too. 

Adaptable for all ages and stages, Merritt particularly loves speaking to students and aspiring leaders.  


Sample Topics: 

  • Choose Well. Choose Wisely. Choose Love: How six little words changed the trajectory of a life forever, and how they can change yours too.
  • To Arms!: why we need heart-centered social entrepreneurship now more than ever, and how you can get on board.
  • Leadership Under Pressure: Keeping a clear head when sh*t is going down.
  • Your Power is Your Story: How to use what you’ve got to become who you're meant to be.
Merritt is a dynamic and inspiring speaker. Her talk was raw and down to earth...she really connected with everyone there. It was both a moving and powerful experience.
Nicole Langlois

Co-Founder, One EPIC Place