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Praise for Merritt & Master of One Coaching

There is a “magic” about you. I’ve been battling with my own shortcomings and you helped me understand what was holding me back and I greatly appreciate that.

Brenda Otto, SunRay Travel

She made us feel like [our] voices and experiences mattered and truly helped us develop through her support and the way she challenged us to think critically and deeply about what mattered to us.

Holly A., Higher Education Leader

Merritt’s thoughtful coaching helped me navigate some complex work challenges and guided me through an eye-opening process to improve several of my business relationships.

Thomas F., Nonprofit Leader

I’ve been “Yoda’d.” Merritt “Yoda’d” me! 

Tim McQueen, Producer, Musician, Entrepreneur, & Community Leader

Success is opportunity meeting preparation. Merritt helps jumpstart that preparation. 

William O., Government Agency Director

From personal experience, I can recommend her as an excellent coach and adviser. 

Constance Stevens, SVP of an international, publicly traded corporation (retired).

Merritt is truly a goddess of coaching. Her warm and caring energy is palpable. I always felt so safe in her presence, which helped me to open up, stand in my vulnerability, and allow myself to be
guided towards the truth. Merritt has a gift of validating someone to their core. With Merritt’s support, I knew I could accomplish any goal. 

Renee Nabatian, Coach & Entrepreneur

Working with Merritt as my coach isn’t what I expected – it is so much better! It’s much more than a list of resources and tasks – she works with me to address my specific personal blocks so that I am
able to get really clear on what I want, then supports me in charting plans to get there. Sometimes it is hard work, and so worth it. I recommend her to anyone. 

Keely Sheehan,

I appreciate Merritt’s ability to quickly grasp exactly what we needed for our team. More than that, her delivery was spot on and engaging. She walked us through the sensitive topic of diversity in the
workplace in a way that brought us together and helped us learn more about one another. Folks are still talking about it. 

 Richard Heyl de Ortiz, Executive Director, Adoptive and Foster Family
Coalition of New York (AFFCNY)

I thought we were going to work on tangible tasks but this is something bigger. It’s hard for me to think that I should be investing in myself…but then again it is what I seek out every day and you are
like a mentor…you’re a spiritual therapist. When we talked about [my goals] being so close I felt it. And that makes it all worthwhile. I feel grateful that I can talk about this part of me without
judgment and better yet with guidance. I’m excited for what’s to come.

M.C., Entrepreneur

I had never worked with a coach before working with Merritt (Master of One Coaching) and I can’t say enough good things about her and methods. She is laser-focused on her client’s needs, desires,
goals and objectives, often before the client knows what he/she needs or wants. She asks great questions and is able to see where you might be stuck. Over the course of my sessions with Merritt, I
was able to move from a place of confusion to one of clarity. I never would have gotten to that place without working with her. She is passionate, enthusiastic, has a keen eye and gives 100% of herself
to her work and to her clients.

A.T. individual client

I quickly grew to admire Merritt’s sage wisdom, deep capacity for empathy, and stellar communication skills. Her creativity, energy, and initiative drive a team forward, while she also takes careful
measure to ensure all voices are heard. A natural motivator, Merritt is gifted in the ability to draw out potential- in individuals, groups, and programs- by pinpointing key opportunities for growth.
Merritt is a trusted and intuitive leader and educator, one whose counsel and advice I’ve treasured.

 Domiana D., Educator

Merritt is simultaneously the little voice inside your head telling you to take that leap into the unknown to a better life and the outside perspective you need to see the big picture to make that jump and soar.

Elinor Levy, PhD

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